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AAC MPW 12" SBR (300blk)

Price: $1,599.00
Brand: AAC
AAC MPW 12" SBR (300blk)
AAC MPW 12" SBR (300blk)
Advanced Armament Corporation complete MPW rifles are available in 16”, 12.5” and 9” barrels chambered for 300 AAC BLACKOUT. (*All NFA rules apply)

A 30 caliber rifle the size of an AR15 5.56mm
caliber rifle - without a reduction in magazine capacity. The AAC MPW in 300
AAC Blackout uses ordinary 223/5.56mm  magazines for a full 30 round
capacity, and is available in 9, 12.5, and 16 inch barrels.*

Components are of premium quality. The 1:7 twist barrel is nitrided to provide
extreme corrosion resistance and high hardness for a long life - outperforming
chrome-lined barrels for longevity without the potential impediments to
accuracy. The muzzle is threaded 5/8-24 and includes an AAC 51-tooth BLACKOUT™
flash suppressor with the complete upper. A Knight’s Armament free-floating URX
III helps maintain accuracy while providing for the mounting of accessories.
The bolt carrier group’s nickel boron (Ni-B) UCT EXO coating has a very high
hardness and lower friction than either chrome or nickel teflon. There is also
a base layer of high-phosphorous electroless nickel that ensures the extreme
corrosion protection that is absent from other Nickel Boron carriers that use a
single, thinner layer. The bolt itself is Carpenter 158® phosphated shot-peened
steel to ensure precise dimensions with no concerns for hydrogen embrittlement
in the critical lug area. A special green o-ring that is tested to not bind
even at -40 degrees F is standard. The extractor spring is made from premium
ultra-strong wire and is a low fatigue design to ensure the longest possible
life. The extractor pin made from 300 ksi S2 tool steel - not the much lower
strength S7 more commonly used. 

Finally, a properly-staked carrier-key with
Permatex® gasket-seal compound ensures no gas leakage. The trigger is a
Geissele for great feel and reliability, and the stock and pistol grip by
MagPul Industries. One magazine is included. Optics, mounts, and silencer are
not included.

The recommended optional sound suppressor is the AAC 762-SDN-6™, which provides
an average of 39.3 dB reduction with subsonic ammunition.

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