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Pat Mac TAPS 2 Day Carbine, 11/18-19/17

Price: $550.00
Pat Mac TAPS 2 Day Carbine, 11/18-19/17
Pat Mac TAPS 2 Day Carbine, 11/18-19/17
Pat MacNamara TAPS 2 Day Carbine

November 18, 19

85 Range Dr.
St. Augustine, FL 32092
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Product Details
TAPS - Tactical Application of Practical Shooting (TAPS) Carbine Course

Course Overview:
Law Enforcement, military and responsible gun owners require adaptive thinkers able to handle the challenges of full spectrum operations in an era of persistent conflict. To meet this requirement, TMACS INC delivers a comprehensive, systematic, progressive Train-the- Trainer shooting program focused on fundamental mastery and built for responsible gun owners. The approach to instruction is through coaching and mentorship and both demonstrates and transfers a training method that is safe, effective, combat relevant, and encourages a continuous thought process that demands accountability.

Training is conducted on the range and focuses on advanced refinement of the basic fundamentals of marksmanship as applied to the primary weapons systems. Utilizing a building block learning model, TAPS combines the pressures and dynamics of competitive shooting and tactical application. While course of instruction is on the firing range, the TAPS training approach also translates into training venues outside the range.

2-day Course
The course offering includes the following:

 Lecture on proper weapons handling and safety

 Development of Performance Based Training courses of fire

 Communications considerations

 Mind set and focal cognition drills

 Conduct a diagnostic course of fire

 Refresh the fundamentals and grouping exercises

 Conduct individual and collective complex courses of fire which are ambiguous in nature to encourage quick thinking and decisive action

 Other topics covered and practiced are; target discrimination, movement into position, immediate action drills, ballistics 101, transitions, magazine changes, multiple target engagements and shooting on the move.

Course Goals

 To expose shooters to a proven training methodology that is more productive than traditional training drills

 To transfer training methods that are safe, effective, combat relevant, and encourage a continuous thought process that demands accountability

 To introduce training considerations applicable to each shooter’s skill level and available equipment

Course Objectives
Shooters will:

 Know how to adapt an expeditionary mindset so that they are better prepared to handle conflict on short notice

 Understand how to effectively maximize available use of shooting time and space

 Operate as a safer, more confident, more lethal shooter who can decisively and precisely act under pressure

 Acquire an alternative training approach which translates to other training venues outside of the firing range and be able to transfer this approach to other officers using the equipment available to them

Equipment Serviceable rifle. 4 Mags and means to carry them. Eyes, ears, 1,000 rounds

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