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Gun Gallery Pistol Range

We have an air conditioned 8 lane, 15 yard pistol range with electronic target returns. We will accommodate pistol calibers as powerful as .44 magnum. The only long guns we allow are .22lr and 5.7x28. The range fee is $13 per person, per visit; please feel free to take your time, there is no time limit.

We offer a wide selection of ammunition including factory reloads in most standard calibers and factory new ball ammo or premium self defense ammo in nearly all calibers. We also carry a selection of paper bulls eye and silhouette targets, as well as Dirty Bird high visibility targets. We have a good selection of quality eye and ear protection available for sale, or for rent. We allow our range customers to bring their own ammunition, targets, eye and ear protection as well. Due to severe fire hazards, we do not allow any ammunition on the range which has steel in the bullets jacket. Not all steel case ammo contains steel in the jacket, but most does. If you are unsure, just put a magnet to the bullet. If it sticks, you may NOT shoot it on the range.

Take advantage of our range program. For $10 for the first gun and $5 for any subsequent handgun, you can choose from a wide selection of nearly 60 rental guns. Customers may only shoot ammunition purchased at the Gun Gallery through Gun Gallery rental guns. If you decide to purchase a handgun after having rented one, we will deduct the range and rental fees from your ticket. As always, we will include a 30 day range pass with purchase of nearly any guns.

Range Memberships are available to individuals for $175 per year, and $225 for Family Memberships. Family memberships include husbands, wives and any children under 21. Range members are permitted to use the range at no extra charge for 12 months from the time of purchase, targets, eye and ear protection (if needed) are extra.

Current list of rental guns are:

We are currently updating our rental selections. If you don't see the rental you want, please give us a call to see if we do have it.

S&W Victory *
S&W M&P 22c *
S&W 686+ 4"
S&W 640
S&W 642 **
S&W Bodyguard 380 **
S&W Shield9
S&W Shield45
S&W M&P9 2.0
S&W M&P40 2.0 5"
S&W M&P45 2.0
S&W M&P9 Ported CORE w Trijicon RMR

Glock 17 Gen3
Glock 19 Gen3
Glock 26 Gen3
Glock 43
Glock 42 **
Glock 22 Gen4
Glock 23 Gen4
Glock 27 Gen4
Glock 20 Gen3
Glock 21 Gen4
Glock 30 Gen3

Sig Sauer 1911 TacOps *
Sig Sauer MK25 (P226) *
Sig Sauer 320F 9 RX
Sig Sauer 320C 9
Sig Sauer 329SC 40
Sig Sauer 238
Sig Sauer 938

Springfield XD Mod2 9 *
Springfield XD Mod2 9 3"
Springfield XD Mod2 40
Springfield XDS 9
Springfield XDS 45 **
Springfield LW Champion Operator **
Springfield MC Operator
Springfield Range Officer Operator 9

Ruger Redhawk 4" 44mag
Ruger GP100 3"
Ruger SP101 3"
Ruger LCR-X
Ruger LCR .38 **
Ruger LCR .22
Ruger MK4 22/45 Lite *
Ruger LC9s
Ruger LCP II
Ruger American 9
Ruger American Compact 9

H&K HK45F *
H&K VP9 *
H&K P30sk 9 (V3)

Walther PPQ .22 **
Walther PPS M2 9
Walther PPQ M2 9 *

FN FiveSeveN **
FN FNX 45Tac with Trijicon RMR

CZ 75 SP01 Tactical
CZ P10c

Beretta 92FS

Nighthawk GRP .45

* AAC and/or SilencerCo silencers available

** Equipped with Crimson Trace Laser

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