Slow day = Gun Pics

by Neil 27. April 2011 14:25

So a week ago or so we were adding AC to the Range and because the range was closed we didn't have much going on in the shop.  I took the opportunity to take some pictures of some of the cool rifles we have here in the shop. 

LAV DD Carbine

LAV DD Carbine

BCM EAG Tactical

BCM EAG Tactical






Arsenal M-7 CLASSIC


Range Day Strobist

by Neil 27. April 2011 13:39

Martin here, So a lot of the guys that work here go shooting on friday nights just to keep up with drills etc.  Well the other night there were only a few of us were there and we all happened to also be into photography.  Here's a couple of the pics we took.   I took all of these with the exception of the ones of Me and the last one of Billy Those were taken by our good friend Erez.













Blue Force Brittney

by Neil 27. April 2011 13:31

Just wanted to let some of you know that Brittney long time friend of the Gun Gallery Crew and former employee has recently gotten a job with Blue Force Gear in Savannah GA though she won't be far we'll miss having her around for all the events and range days we normally see her at.  Big Congrats and Best wishes at her new job. 





Dan Smith Stops by

by Neil 27. April 2011 13:12

So the other day I was walking into the shop and much to my Surprise Dan Smith was in the shop about to go on the range with some of his friends from Inksmith and Rogers.  For those that don't know Dan Smith is a Tattoo artist known for his work on LA ink at High Voltage tattoo alongside Kat Von D and other great tattoo artists and as the singer for the Dear and Departed.  Pretty cool to see him come by and shoot some guns on our range.  Here's a link if you want to check out more of Dan's work.



Cool Guns!

by Neil 15. April 2011 14:29

Martin again posting under Neil's name.  Took some pictures of some cool guns we have in the shop. Thought I'd share with you. 

 Here's an HK Mark 23 produced in 2003 comes with a flash hider, four 12 round mags,  and a cool case,








The Next one is a NightHawk Enforcer that we got in what's really cool about these is that the Magwell is Integrated into the frame and is not an add-on








The Next is a Colt Combat Commander Also known as the Wiley Clap Commander.  Normally I like a gun with more modern features but this one is just really cool.   I'm a big fan of the grips. 





MDH-3084 MDH-3086









FDCC 3-27-11

by Neil 13. April 2011 15:33

Back again posting under Neils name this is Martin.  FDCC 3-27-11 Gun Gallery crew showed up ready to compete.  Billy, Logan, and Myself all showed up and of course some other people mentioned in the Blog before Mason, James, and everyone's Favorite Brittney.  Big congratulations to Billy on his first win at FDCC He's come close many times but this time he was able to take the top spot.  Not so easy looking at the scores we were all very close and the final scores came down to one or two misses making or breaking the score.  Logan came in second place a mere .53 seconds behind.  Mason came in 3rd and Martin came in fourth.  Brittney took 10th and James took 11th.  Here's the scores and pics. Some pictures by myself.  Thanks to Marcus for some of the pictures.

FDCC Scores Mar-2011







Hosted on Fotki

Hosted on Fotki

Hosted on Fotki

Hosted on Fotki

Hosted on Fotki



Custom NightHawk 1911

by Neil 30. March 2011 17:46

A couple of days ago we got a NightHawk GRP Recon in that had the Ti Blue finish with chrome accents.  Similar to what you would find on the Heinie Lady Hawk.  The finish was a very nice shade of gray blue and had an interesting texture to it almost that of a beadblasted metal.  If you look at the Hi-Res links I think you'll be able to see what I'm talking about.   






Mike and Roslyn Mers' wedding

by Neil 30. March 2011 16:39

As some of you may know Mike and Roslyn Mers' Got Married this month in Athens, GA  Mike is a long time friend of ours and former employee of the Gun Gallery.  He has since moved on to work at AAC, or Adcanced Armament Corporation, selling Silencers to the masses.  Neil and Martin were in attendance for this event and had a wonderful time.  All of us here at the Gun Gallery wish them the best of luck in their endeavors and a long and happy life together.  Here's a few pictures I (Martin) took of the occasion.










FDCC 2-27-11

by Neil 30. March 2011 13:56

Martin posting under Neils account.  February was a busy month for us after CFDCC Myself and Billy put on the FDCC shoot for february.  Out of 25 shooters Billy came in 2nd and I came in 5th and Logan came in 9th.  It was a pretty long hot day for some of us but as always a lot of fun.  As always here are some pictures and video. 





FDCC 2011.02 (70 of 77)


FDCC 2011.02 (7 of 77)

FDCC 2011.02 (11 of 77)

FDCC 2011.02 (69 of 77)


CFDCC 2-20-11

by Neil 3. March 2011 02:08

Martin once again on Neils account Just trying to catch you guys up on everything we've been up to lately This month some of us attended CFDCC down in Deland I was with a different squad from all of my usual shooting buddies so I didn't get any pictures of them but I did get a new friend to take some video of me.  Anyway Myself(Martin), Neil, Billy, Logan, Brittney, and James all went down to Deland to compete at CFDCC Brittney did the best out of the group with 7th! Neil was 10th, Martin was 11th, Logan was 12th James was 22nd, Billy was 26th.  this is out of 52 Total shooters.  Neil and I both felt a bit off our game but I have to say most all the courses were technically challenging in that you always had to watch your foreground and background for Non shoot targets and there was some support side transitions.  I have videos of myself running all the stages and one of James in the woods stage.