LDPC Match started in Ft. Meade, FL

by 28. May 2013 14:47

We had a fun match down in Ft. Meade Florida. First ever USCA match there and we had 11 shooters. We ran three stages though we had planned more. Due to time constraints we wrapped it up on the car stage. I look forward to seeing this match grow.

I didn't get to video all the stages I ran but I did get two.  

Stage 5 called "Rythym drill" was basically a 1-5 vtac drill ending with a draw of the pistol and shoot 2 to the head of each target.

Stage 4 called "Urban Prone" was a fun stage but I didn't get to record it.  I did good on the stage it featured urban prone shooting and shootin behind barricades.

Stage 2 was called "Stuck in Traffic" Fun stage that involved shooting from a car.  And from around the car.  


CFDCC 5-19-13

by 23. May 2013 13:53

Central Florida Defensive Carbine Club the third club to sign up under the USCA. I went down to shoot and did ok until I hit the long range stage. Bombed it there again. I'll have to shoot a different rifle next time to see if this one just can't handle those longer range shots. I came in 8th place this time. Not horrible, but had we not had the long range stage, I would have placed a good bit higher. 

USCA Sanctioned CFDCC match results

We started with stage 2 called "Walls and Barrels" you had to shoot both left handed and right handed from behind the barrier. Then move around the barrier and shoot from prone below some barrels.  I got 3rd on this one.  

Next we had Stage 3 called "Entry" I messed up pretty good on this stage and forgot to load my handgun.  Which cost me some time.  I had to load my handgun after I realized it was empty which definitely cost me some time.  I placed 7th 

Moving on to Stage 4 named "Defend" The stage description clearly stated that the first two magazines were to be randomly loaded by some else with 20 rounds between the two and a third mag to capacity.  Some people reloaded to a full mag and didn't have someone randomly reload a mag for them.  Oh well I did it right and got 3rd place on the stage.  

My best stage by far was stage 5 called "Windows" I made a good stage plan and stuck to it.  I feel like I didn't try to shoot too fast and therefore made all the hits I needed to and only had one B zone on the whole stage.  Mounting the rifle and moving from place to place went smooth.  I didn't want to draw my handgun running because it was close to the 180.  I placed my hand on my handgun so that as I turned to face the plate rack I could draw at the same time.  I cleared the plate rack with no misses and got 1st place on the stage by about 3 seconds.

Moving next to my worst stage by far Stage 1 aptly named Long Range.  I had a good bit of trouble on the 200 yard line at the far left target and I also had to hit it 3 times because at least one hit wasn't called.  This stage killed me and I came in 15th.  

Overall it was a good day of shooting I just wish I had done better on the long range and had my head in the game better for some of the other stages.  



NFDCC 5-12-13

by 14. May 2013 19:33

Fun month at NFDCC down in Gainesville. I came in 5th after totally messing up stage 2. BUT, we held a shootoff after the match and I made first place after that. We had some really fun stages that were somewhat unorthodox but I think people had a lot of fun.

Stage 1, was mainly a pistol stage. You began with a rifle loaded with 12 rounds at about 15 yards from the targets and shot 2-2-4-2-2 drill. Then running back to cover shooting the pistol at three separate targets 2 rounds each. Then Going for the medical bag stop and shoot the bowling pins. Grab the medical bag and run over to the target on the ground and put the bad on the red cross.

Stage 2, you started by getting 20 seconds to view a face. On buzzer shoot the vtac 9 hole drill at about 100 yards with a 12 round mag. Then run over to the blue mat and make 5 hits on the steel. Then run about 50 yards into the box and 5 rounds on the target with the corresponding face.... I messed up here and shot the wrong target getting me 55 seconds in penalties.

Stage 3, we did the "Three Little Kittens" drill you start with three rifles ejection port down. One with a double feed, One with a snap cap, One with a stove pipe. Upon buzzer you pick up the first gun attempt to fire fix the malfunction and then proceed to the next gun.

Stage 4, Team drill! Pretty cool stage that required moving, shooting, cover, and teamwork. On buzzer shooter 1 started by shooting the target in front with three rounds and the target next to that with three rounds. Shooter two was to immediately run to the blue barrel and wait for shooter 1 to finish. After shooter 1 got his hits shooter 2 engaged the target in front and target to the right with three rounds each and told shooter 1 to move. You proceeded this way until shooter two reached the end and got his hits. Mac didn't know to tell me to move and hilarity ensued.


NFDCC Coming up

by 8. May 2013 18:17

We have another NFDCC match this weekend in Gainesville. The last few months have been pretty good matches and we've had a lot of fun. Here are some video's to show you what it's about

USCA Rule Book
Link to the GTR website about the match

Gainesville Target Range
1610 NW 65th Place
Gainesville, FL 32653
Be there no later than 9


FDCC 4-28-13

by 7. May 2013 20:27

FDCC 4-28-13.

Had a decent sized group of shooters this month at 60 shooters. I'm sure the number will keep growing as the ammo starts to free up some. I was doing pretty good this month until I had a mishap on stage 4. We've been trying to limit the round count on the stages so that shooters will be shooting 75-80 rounds instead of the usual 200. Match Results FDCC 4-28-13

Stage 3: I did pretty good on this stage. I shoot 1 too many rounds on the first two targets. I took a little too long to get the sling on and get adjusted to left handed shooting.

Stage 2: Again I did ok here I hesitated and after watching the video I realized I did it wrong.

Stage 1: Good time though I should have shot it faster.

Stage 4: Mag flew out of my pouch and I messed up. I probably should have holstered my gun and finished when I realized it but I don't like not finishing a stage. So it took me a second to think about what I needed to do I holstered took the rifle off ran back grabbed the mag and cam back loaded the gun and shot my last four rounds.

Stage 5: I did alright here but not great. Should have gotten faster hits at 200 and took extra shots once I got to the berm.



by 25. April 2013 15:33

It's been a long while since I've made a blog post.  Since then we've come a long way with FDCC.  We had our 13th Anniversary shoot, and we are now a part of the United States Carbine Association (USCA) The goal of USCA is to bring out a match like FDCC to a national Platform.  We also now have NFDCC in Gainesville on the second Sunday of the month.  Most of the guys running the Gainesville match have been involved with FDCC from the very early days of the match.  We (USCA) are working on clubs in South Florida as well as Mississippi,  Alabama, and several other states.  We have a pretty cool new scoring app that allows us to upload the scores live.  So you can at the match watch your results pop up and compare your scores to other people at the match.

Anyway here are some video's that I have out but still haven't posted here on the blog.


1 December


3 Anniversary Shoot.


We all miss John Noveske

by Neil 5. January 2013 21:00
From Noveske's FB page "Noveske Rifleworks would ask you to remember the passing of our founder, John Noveske, who died Friday, January 4th 2013 in an automobile accident. John planned for all eventualities, and wanted to ensure any changes would be as seamless as possible for our customers, dealers, suppliers, employees and friends. While this will be a trying time, we do not expect a change in the day to day operations of Noveske Rifleworks. We would like to thank you for your support as we deal with our loss, and would ask that instead of flowers, you consider a donation to a cause we will announce at later date. John was more than just the founder of Noveske Rifleworks, he was a loving husband and father, and caring friend." Several of us at the Gun Gallery have had the pleasure of not only doing business with John, but had become friends with him as well. We feel awful at this loss. John, was an innovator and always on the edge of what's new with our industry. Like their statement says, I have no doubt that little will change at Noveske. He seemed to surround himself with others who, like him, were motivated and passionate about their business.


SAPSA 11-17-12

by 4. December 2012 20:53

This was my first time making it out to SAPSA for a USPSA shoot. I've been to SEPSA and ATTAC before but I've just never worked it out to go to the FOP for SAPSA. I had a good time. The match went fast and there were some good stages. I got 16th overall and 6th in Production.

Stage 5: I didn't get this stage on video but it wasn't anything exciting.  I took 6th on the stage.  I ran it kinda slow but made good hits.

Stage 1: I did so so on this stage.  I shot with a fair degree of accuracy, but my time wasn't fast enough to really take me up a notch.  I hesisitated in a few spots and should have moved a little faster.

Stage 2: I'm really happy with how that stage turned out for me. I took 2nd place and beat one of the Production Master Class shooters that was at the match.  I'd say the thing I could have done better was shoot faster at the end.

Stage 3: Was a classifier stage.  I'd say my time was good but I had a miss which cost me dearly.

Stage 4: Again OK I was very accurate on this stage but took too much time.  


FDCC 11-25-12

by 3. December 2012 13:31

Another great month for FDCC We had pretty close to 60 shooters total this month. I had some help setting up stages so we had some fun stuff this month and I kept the long range challenging yet short. Several of us from the Gun Gallery were in attendance. I (Martin) came in 4th Chris Mays came in 18th,Neil came in 33rd running his AK, and Mason came in 37th


Stage 3: I started off good but slowed down on the second bay because I knew I wasn't holding high enough and had to make extra shots on the targets with hard cover. Then I reloaded standing still while I should have done it on the move. Other than that I did ok. I had a shot in the hard cover which hurt a bit.

Stage 2: The stage was set up with numbers under the targets while I knew that you had to make that number of hits I didn't know that it was a Limited Vickers stage so I got 10 seconds on penalties on that. The pistol steels I did a pretty decent job on.

Stage 1: Shooting from the car was fun. I did pretty good on the steel plates but got a little ahead of myself on the V-Tac steel. and had one outside the a zone on the paper targets.

Stage 4: I shot the Mod navy qual fairly conservatively because I didn't want to have any misses. I shot the 1-5 at a decent pace. When I drew my pistol I had a sloppy grip which gave me a few problems on the smaller plates.

Stage 5: I felt ok with. I left my Aimpoint on a higher setting so it was a little brighter and bigger than I needed for 220 but after two misses I placed all my shots on target.




USPSA ATTAC 10-27-12

by 14. November 2012 19:40

This post is a couple weeks late, but better late than never. I had the chance to shoot with a couple of my friends which was a lot of fun. These video's are from the USPSA match at ATTAC in St. Augustine.

Overall I need to work on being more aggressive with my reloads, and sticking to my stage plan.


Stage 3: I was doing ok until I went the third array of targets and started from the left instead of shooting the steel plate down so I could come back and hit the paper. Then on the Plate rack I missed a one which meant when I got to the paper I only got one hit. I decided to take the miss instead of doing a reload though I'm not sure if it worked out better that way or not.

Stage 4: I actually did pretty good on this stage I took first, but I'm wondering if some people were sandbagging because it was a classifier. Not much to say about the stage I probably could have done my reloads faster.

Stage 5: I had a miss on this stage. The RO said he saw my foot slipping as the shot broke so I guess that could be the reason. Also as I got to the far right corner I put the front sight in the target however I wasn't looking through the back sight and had to come back and make up a shot on it. Other than that I did ok on this stage.

Stage 1: With the targets set up the way they were I Planned to shoot the two papers to the far right skipping one and coming back to it after the star and then the three to the far left. I got frustrated at the star and after shooting it I totally forgot the third paper. Which is why when I went to the last array I shot it from the side. They said the hits on target didn't count but I avoided an FTE.

Stage 2: I did ok on this but on the second array of targets I went to I had a miss which I knew would cause for a reload. So as I transitioned to the second set of targets I went ahead and did a reload. But I would have been a bit faster on this stage if I had shot that second array without a miss.