April CFDCC match

by Neil 2. June 2010 15:08

Congratulations, of 33 shooters, Neil (me Tongue out) took 1st Place at Central FL Defensive Carbine Club's match in April using an HK 416 upper on Noveske lower with stock trigger, Aimpoint T1 in LaRue 416 mount and AAC Brakeout.

Martin took 3rd Place using a Noveske Recce with switchblock, stock trigger and Trijicon TA31 in ARMS #19s mount.

Mounce took 5th place using a Bulgarian AK74 side folder, which he built at home (yes it's legal!!)

(top to bottom) Neil, Martin, Mounce




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paul United States | Reply

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Family Solicitors

Hi i must say very nice blog.

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Loving this.

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