FDCC 9-25-11

by 28. September 2011 15:38

Well as some of you know we've been making some changes with FDCC.  We are now hosting it at ATTAC/ACSR http://www.attac-fl.com/ and the match is now $20.  We felt that this change was necessary because of the high volume of members we seem to have acquired over the last few years and because honestly sitting for a few hours to shoot a stage and then break it down and wait again to shoot another stage isn't as fun as having five stages already set up and constantly rotating through them.  It was a fun day and a pretty hot day.  But all in all I think most people welcomed the change of pace and had a lot more fun.  James got video's of me at every stage which is kind of cool so you kind of get to see how the match was run.  And thanks to EVERYONE that came out and helped.  I really appreciate it when people volunteer their time or their steel like Don Edwards from Telluric Group. 

At the event I (Martin) took 1st place, Neil took 2nd place, Alan took 14th place and Billy took 23rd place. out of 39 shooters.


FDCC Sept-2011




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