Some Sick 1911's

by 14. October 2011 13:41

So I've got some New stuff for you guys.  We've been trying to get more of the High end 1911's in here and theiy've just been hard to find.  when we finally started selling some of the models that have been here for awhile we would call Nighthawk, Wilson, Ed Brown, Les Baer and all of them were back ordered for a good bit.  which has left our high end 1911 case a little low on the Semi Custom 1911's.  Well we just got two more in the other day and have a few more on order.  Pretty cool stuff.  Okay on to the pictures.

First up is a Nighthawk T3 Comp.  Pretty neat carry gun.  We just sold our last T3 that I posted pictures of and this one became available so we snagged it up.  I haven't shot this ported model yet but I can imagine he tames that .45 pretty well.  As always I think the T3 is one of the best carry 1911's out there. 













Next is a Les Baer Concept V. Les Baer is known for having a High Quality, Accurate, and Fairly priced 1911. Here it is.


MDH-3019 [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=]MDH-3022[/url] by [url=]Highway0311[/url], on Flickr MDH-3020





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