We have an air conditioned 8 lane, 15 yard pistol range with electronic target returns. We will accommodate pistol calibers as powerful as .44 magnum. The only long guns we allow are .22lr and 5.7x28. The range fee is $12 per visit; please feel free to take your time, there is no time limit.

We offer a wide selection of ammunition including factory reloads in most stadard calibers and factory new ammo ball or premium self defense ammo in nearly all calibers. We also carry a selection of paper bulls eye and silhouette targets, as well as Shoot-N-See high visibility targets. We have a good selection of quality eye and ear protection available for sale, or for rent. We allow our range customers to bring their own ammunition, targets, eye and ear protection as well.

Take advantage of our range program. For $10 for the first gun and $5 for any subsequent handgun, you can choose from a wide selection of nearly 30 rental handguns. Customers may only shoot ammunition purchased at the Gun Gallery through Gun Gallery rental guns.

Range Memberships are available to individuals for $150 per year, and $200 for Family Memberships. Family memberships include husbands, wives and any children under 21. Range members are permitted to use the range at no extra charge for 12 months from the time of purchase, targets, eye and ear protection (if needed) are extra.

Current list of rental guns are:

Browning Buckmark*
H&K P30*
H&K HK45*
H&K P2000 sk
Beretta 92FS*
Beretta PX4 40 subcompact
Beretta 84
Nighthawk Custom GRP ($20)
Springfield Armory TRP
Glock 21*
Glock 22 Gen4
Glock 23 Gen4
Glock 27
Glock 19 Gen4
Glock 26
S&W M&P 9 compact
S&W M&P 40 with optional Crimson Trace Lasergrips
S&W M&P 45*
Springfield Armory XDM 9 subcompact
Springfield Armory XDM 9 5.25"
Springfield Armory XDM 40
Springfield Armory XDM 45
Ruger SR9 compact
Ruger LCR 38spl with Crimson Trace Lasergrips
4" Ruger Redhawk .44mag
S&W 642 with Crimson Trace laser grips
S&W 686+ 3"
S&W Governor .410/.45LC/.45acp
3" S&W 686+
FNH 45 Tactical with Dr. Optic*
FNH USG FiveSeven
FNH PS90 with Aimpoint H-1 Micro ($20)
S&W M&P15-22 with red dot sight*

*Available with optional Advanced Armament silencer for $15 extra