We believe we have a different mindset at the Gun Gallery and we're trying hard every day to make sure it shows. There are all kinds of ways people can know you, and we think there are much better ways to be known than "the cheap shop". Don't mistake that to mean we won’t have the best price on an item. We may, in fact, have the best price you can find, sometimes, we may not. But keep in mind every gun you purchase from us comes with a 30 day pass for the range and a lifetime warranty (beyond the manufacturer’s warranty). We aim to provide a better selection of quality merchandise at a fair price with substantially better service.

Whether you’re coming in just to browse and see what’s new, or ready to make a purchase, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you every step of the way. Our shelves are stocked with top-quality products and we’re here to answer questions and offer suggestions, not to push a hard sale. If you enjoy coming in, you will enjoy coming back and telling others to give us a try. That's our goal!

Working at the Gun Gallery is more than just helping a gun business run. This is our passion; it may not be going too far to say this is our way of life. We want you to not only have comfort in your purchase, but pride in it as well. We want to share in that comfort and pride and do so by only offering name brands and models we trust and believe in. As one of only a few places in our area offering a firing range and employees who participate in a variety of shooting events and classes, we regularly see the results of poorly made merchandise. We would rather not associate our shop with products that we see fail, malfunction, or otherwise break with unreasonable frequency.

Taking it a step further, our buyers are constantly seeking out new and innovative products, paying careful attention to acquire the best our industry has to offer, in both value and quality. We find it amusing when a new product or line only we had starts showing up on the shelves of our competitors. That's ok; we'll continue to keep an ear to the ground and continue to bring the best name brands to our community. You won’t have to weed through rows and rows of products you have no interest in to find a few you are. Our shelves will be only be stocked with items the discriminating firearms consumer seeks out and desires.

Customer service to us is more than just a brightly blinking line on our web page, a catch phrase to be thrown around, or rhetoric repeated over and over again, in hopes that the more it's said, the truer it will become. Sometimes the item you are looking for is carried by every shop in town (in addition to about 87 web sites). Sometimes that item is available at the same or about the same price at each place. The only difference is sometimes the service you receive. We believe strongly that if you come into the Gun Gallery, you will experience the difference good customer service makes. If you do not, we encourage you to contact us.

Gun Gallery is committed to helping build and participate in a vibrant and strong firearms community in and around Jacksonville. From organizing and participating in free events to helping to support local initiatives, we want our local area to be alive with activities for our customers to exercise their rights and get out and use their firearms. If you come in to the shop, you will see us doing our thing, but... that’s just our day job! For years you've been able to find us out on the range participating in competition, taking and organizing firearms classes, attending and supporting local firearms events. Even at home, you'll find us online participating in your favorite firearms forums!

Although we sometimes attend the local gun shows individually, we don’t really participate in them. It's not really our style to try and fit in a booth somewhere in between World War II paraphernalia vendor and cheap knock off optics vendor. After all, we've got a gun show every day at 10268 Beach Blvd. Free admission, free parking!